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Stories in EDU

Sail with a Fleet

Stories in EDU

These are the stories of educators doing the heroic work of teaching. They are the teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches like all of us who are teaching and learning with their students every day. These are stories that all of us could tell. Our favorite stories to inspire, enlighten, and entertain.

Take a look inside these classrooms and buildings to get a first-hand look at the amazing work that is going on in every educational setting. Maybe you’ll nod your head and say, “Hey, I do that too.” Or maybe you’ll learn and try something new. There’s something here for every educator and for every friend of education.

All teachers have great stories to tell, and we all should tell them. In Stories in EDU: SAIL With A Fleet, real educators who educate our young people share their stories. Their stories clearly show that we are in this together. While we might be alone each day with our students, we are part of a global community of teachers. Undoubtedly, as educators we SAIL With A Fleet. And we are all better because of it.

Inside you’ll hear the stories of how a family’s life was changed by a teacher who taught sign language to their non-verbal son, what happened over a guidance counselor’s career as she built relationships by using puppets, why eating dinner with a former student while on your honeymoon might be an important part of what we do. You’ll see how sketchnotes changed an academic trajectory, the impact of the “Good News Call of the Day,” and how teachers have used hooks to create and keep student engagement. Plus so much more!

Their stories will grab you, inspire you, and you’ll feel the reach of the work we do. Look inside and join this powerful fleet.
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